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Danny Devan built this website to inspire and encourage others in hopes to push them towards their dreams. He’s a visionary who believed he had a mission to change the world ever since he was a little kid. Raised in the Washington DC area, he started at age 17 working at multiple nightclubs in the city. Driven to find his passion, he worked himself up from an intern to ultimately managing 9 clubs by the age of 19. Although he was the youngest general manager of a nightclub in the area, he knew there was more to life and it was just the start to his dreams.

He decided to leave the industry and for 3 years, he locked himself away from having a social life, cutting out many negative aspects from his life. Sweat and tears went into building 7 companies, all of which horribly failed within those 3 years. He then decided to take another approach: he picked up several books, researched, and studied the craft of being an entrepreneur. After developing positive habits and focusing on self improvement, he tried again. With recent past experiences of failure, lessons learned and newly found knowledge, he invested $200 into a website and flyers to start a million dollar company.

With this momentum, he then created a new brand of restaurant chains: Chicken Rico, Palacio de Peru and Taki Tacos. All three companies continue to surpass expectations and are now multimillion dollar revenue-generating ventures. He then began opening and investing in finance, tech, real estate and e commerce start ups to build his sources of income.


Now he created a social media brand which helps his reach further, a tiktok with over 500,000 followers, discord group with 70,000 members and an email list of 140,000. All who are interested in business, finance and the world of entreprenuership.

He now travels, appreciating life and enjoying the world as much as possible. Not satisfied and still hungry, he strives to help teach and educate everyone on their journey. At the end of the day, he knows that it’s the legacy he leaves behind which changes how others live their lives.